MoveLab member Mark Walvoord receives two sustainability-related grants!

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Mark Walvoord, second year doctoral student in the Learning Science program, recently received two grants from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. The first award of $32,072 kicks off the Food Recovery at the University of Central Oklahoma project where the campus cafeteria donates prepared, but untouched, food after the lunch rush to be packaged in compostable containers. This Broncho Bites service sends email alerts to students, faculty, and staff to check the livefeed camera pointed at the storage refrigerator before coming to get a couple containers near the campus food pantry. This program is diverting about 25 pounds of food per day away from the landfill and feeding those in need. The other part of this project involves composting of unusable food waste. The campus community can drop off their food waste in a collection bin for weekly pickup, and a commercial composter unit is being installed on campus for larger scale composting and to divert unusable food waste away from the landfill where it would create greenhouse gas emission. Finished compost will be used by campus landscape and grounds crews. Read more at

The other grant is for $6,985 awarded for Mark’s work as president of the Oklahoma Compost and Sustainability Association (OCASA). Monies for this award contribute to the non-profit’s educational mission of promoting the production and use of compost as a sustainable solution for communities and our world. Read more at

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