John Chancey Presents! NCIC 2019

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John Chancey is back at it again, presenting his research Using an Internet-based Mindfulness Intervention to Facilitate Conceptual Change on Fluoridated Water at NCIC 2019. Congratulations and keep it up!


Using a pre- and post- test design we explored whether an app-based mindfulness intervention along with an expository text could facilitate conceptual change toward fluoridated water. Mindfulness is paying attention to the present without judgement (Kabbat-Zinn, 2003) and is associated with high cognitive engagement (Garland et al, 2009).  Research by Lippman, Heinzle, and Narciss (2018) suggests that mindfulness can be facilitated through online-based interventions. Two conditions were used, a treatment that received mindfulness training and a treatment that didn’t. Results revealed no significant differences between conditions likely due to sample size, implying that we need to continue collecting data.

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