Research Partners

Housed at Temple University, the Science Learning Research Group headed by Doug Lombardi investigates aspects of learning as it relates to science and science concepts. 

The mission of the Motivated Change Research Lab (MCRL) is understanding the cognitive, motivational, and emotional processes that lead to attitude change, conceptual change, and successful learning, particularly in STEM. 

A blog written by Dr. Kevin Pugh about learning, experience and education. 

The Scholarly Consortium for Innovative Psychology for Education (SCIPIE) is a professional organization devoted to the study of psychology in education created to bring together education scholars to advance the study of learning and to provide graduate students with opportunities for participation in authentic problem solving and dialogue.

Our mission is to promote inquiry and practices that foster democratic life and that are fundamental to the interrelated activities of teaching, research and practice in the multi-disciplinary field of education.

The mission of the National Consortium for Instruction and Cognition is mentoring current and future scholars, as well as conducting and disseminating educational research.

The Research Laboratory for Digital Learning strives to understand how students learn in technology-supported learning environments and how to promote students’ motivation and engagement in digital learning to achieve a positive impact on student success.