MoveLab member Murat Turk has published in a top-tier journal with Dr. Benjamin Heddy!

MoveLab member Murat Turk has published, with MoveLab founder Dr. Benjamin Heddy and Dr. Robert Danielson from Washington State University, a research article in Computers and Education, the top-tier journal in the field of educational technology and online education. This is fantastic news, Murat! Congrats team! Here is the link to the article: Teaching and social presences supporting basic needs satisfaction in online learning environments: How can presences and basic needs happily meet online? – Read more…

MoveLab member Mark Walvoord’s new paper!

A new publication that came out yesterday, with co-authors from Mackenzie Presbyterian University (Sao Paolo, Brazil), regarding sustainability in the tourism/hotel sector entitled, “Responses to vignettes as a methodology to reveal hoteliers’ sustainability practices, knowledge and competencies.” Congrats, Mark! Find the article here: 

Congratulations to Dr. Ben Heddy!

Dr. Heddy recently was elected president of SCIPIE, the Scholarly Consortium for Innovative Psychology in Education, a professional organization devoted to the study of psychology in education. Congratulations to Dr. Benjamin C. Heddy!

Congratualtions to Murat Turk & Ceyhun Müftüoğlu!

Two of our OU LOVE Lab Members, Murat Turk and Ceyhun Müftüoğlu, are among the 13 members of the Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) who are receiving the “Presidential Special Service Award” at the next week’s AECT annual convention (Nov. 2-Nov. 6, in Chicago and online), in recognition of their contribution to the success of the 2020 AECT virtual conference – the first virtual conference in the AECT history. Read more…

Our lab member Murat Turk has published an online article on Faculty Focus. Congrats, Murat!

We are so happy to announce that our lab member Murat Turk has published an online article in Faculty Focus, one of the most popular online free newsletters and websites reaching a wide audience in higher education. His article is about the benefits of using online co-facilitated discussions on online students’ engagement with the content as well as their peers. Students also have a voice in this article. Congrats, Murat! Link to his article: Co-Facilitated Read more…