Ahmet Başyiğit will present at SCIPIE Conference, Oct 2019!

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Ahmet Başyiğit of the OU MOVE Lab will present the topic of the importance of values eduction in early childhood education. The presentation will take place in Savannah, GA at the SCIPIE Conference, October 3rd-4th, 2019! Good luck Mr.Başyiğit!

In Mr.Başyiğit’s study, he aimed to examine the opinions of kindergarten teachers regarding the implementation of values education in early childhood education. He interviewed with four kindergarten teachers from Turkey and the U.S. for his pilot study. In this study, Mr.Başyiğit investigated teachers’ opinions about the importance of values education in early ages, the approaches and instructional strategies to teach values to young children, the main problems to implement values education in kindergarten schools and the role of the family in values education.

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